I think often of our ancestors. Early humans huddled in a cave. Sitting around a large fire. A Shaman commands their attention with the stories of the hunt. Stories of the stars. I imagine those early storytellers using fire, light and shadow to ignite drama and excitement. From those pre-history days to now; stories have been a connecting thread for humanity. I’m driven by that idea. That a piece of our humanity closes the gap between distance and time through the fabric of our stories. I’m fascinated by the way narratives weave their way into our collective experience. Your story becomes my story becomes our story. Our tales become a unifying force. Every time I craft an image, I'm reminded of this endless chain of human stories, and how I can add the next link.

The medium and manner in which stories are carried has evolved along with us. Technology has shifted the way stories are created and delivered. Photography and cinema have taken our stories and imprinted light and sound to them. Moving images, soundtracks, walls and projectors can all be used to tell our human story. I work in media as a filmmaker, cinematographer and photographer. I also work with digital instillations. With my camera, I aim to paint stories with light, mood and texture. I spend a hours in dark rooms in front of large monitors piecing together all these elements in post-production. I like having control of the process from beginning to end. However, I understand that the best things happen unplanned. With my work I try to convey our interrelated nature, creating stories within stories. I find meaning hidden in the shadows and the frame. My view of the world has come into greater focus through the capture of this light and shadow. I’ve only scratched the surface of the human story. I’m in constant search for fragments of light. Those fragments that shine down on the greater picture of who we are as people, and our place within the cosmos.

Every form of media and art influences my work. The dance between people, light and my camera is how I want to communicate the idea that we are all one. We all share a common story. There are universal truths within all of us. I want my work to swim in those truths. Stories, much like people, are never stagnant, never rest on convention, and defy categorization.

When I create an image, I want to capture authenticity. The pursuit of that elusive story telling component drives me to create new images constantly. I firmly believe that authenticity holds the key to the large room of our collective sub-conscience; a room that houses our universal truths.

My personal story is that of an immigrant. I grew up feeling like an outsider to my new nation and to my old. English became my second language. It was a bridge to a new ideas. And as with any bridge, it would often take me away from my first tongue. With this duality I’ve become very interested in wordless storytelling; creating work that can speak without dialogue. Photography lends itself to this conceit quite wonderfully. My video and instillation work is meant to have a conversation with the viewer, no matter what language they bring to it.